EV Battery Recycle and Reuse Conference and Exhibition 2024
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Long Beach, California, USA

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The EV Battery Recycle and Reuse Conference and Exhibition 2023 will consist of the following key subjects.

  • Evolution of the Electric Vehicle Battery Reuse & Recycling
  • Investigating battery recycling methods and battery reuse programs for electric vehicles
  • Design of Batteries to Promote More Effective Recycling
  • Key Challenges and Opportunities for Recycling Electric Vehicle Battery Materials
  • Second-Life EV batteries: The newest source of value in energy storage
  • Safety standards and environmental regulations for managing end-of-life batteries
  • Current and Future Battery Recycling Projects and Facilities.

The conference will come with one of its own opportunities and will address the Evolution of EV Battery Reuse & Recycling. Top Leading automotive manufacturers will discuss and establish current and future battery recycling projects, facilities and designs of batteries to promote more effective recycling of EV batteries so that the demands of the new generation of electric vehicles can be satisfied which would result in enhancement of the second life of EV Batteries. Participants will include EV Battery Manufacturers, EV Battery Researchers, E-Waste Recycling Companies, etc

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