EV Battery Recycle and Reuse Conference and Exhibition 2024
Coming soon
Long Beach, California, USA


What do we do?

To dispense relevant and high-key essential information is the pursuit of our business. With end users’ demand growing exponentially across the globe, our conferences render practical solutions amidst the challenges. The topics we offer are backed up with thorough analysis.

The field is engulfed by key players and industry veterans, and we bring these influential people to the table, to create a purposeful forum. To distribute and discuss the latest challenges and trends, explore the current possibilities and weave more for the future.

Our intensive research-led content will help you in seeking more established opportunities. We define niche areas for our delegates. They are defined by their job function and industry areas such as Electric Vehicle Manufacturers, EV suppliers, Researcher Veterans from the Automotive Industry and more.

Our pursuit for our business is to deliver high-key information in a well-orderly manner. We take our stride and pride in creating a full experience for our delegates, serving to their expectations and beyond. Also, to provide the best qualifying subjects for our conferences.

Why Attend as a Delegate?

With the end users’ demand growing exponentially, our conferences will bring together engineers, business leaders, top-industry companies and innovative thinkers to discover ground-breaking products and create powerful solutions for the future. Here, you will not only just get to network but you will surpass the goal of sourcing the latest technologies across the commercial and industrial sectors.

Our schedules and goals are tailor-made and cater to the industry topics for delegates, which serves them with the latest and most relevant subjects. Stand out from the crowd and stand with the network, attending as a delegate will not only provide you with opportunities to network but will also help to get an insight into the minds of high-quality leads. Increase your onsite visibility and get more leads at the event. Boost your brand recognition. Engage with attendees in multiple speaking opportunities.


Key benefits of attending the conference include:

  • Besides networking, interact and form connections that will facilitate your quench for the industry’s opportunities and challenges.
  • To give a member an established forum to talk in-depth about the EV industry.
  • Learn from the expert panel of speakers and industry veterans.
  • Exclusive opportunity to integrate, with a multitude of end users and seek new market opportunities by demonstrating an insight into this evolving industry.
  • Understand the current market dynamics by learning how to develop strategies.
  • Get access to different ideas and various perspectives from other markets and allied industries.
  • Learn from the varied expert panel of well-positioned EV speakers and industry veterans.
  • Get an exclusive opportunity to learn the nitty gritty of the market, and grab the perspective from both the side, a user and as well as a developer.
  • The market dynamics are constantly evolving, immerse yourself in technical strategies from the innovators themselves.
  • Electric Vehicle is the future, and to make your business sustain for a better future, grasp the developing strategies of the ongoing market.