EV Battery Recycle and Reuse Conference and Exhibition 2024
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Long Beach, California, USA

EV Battery Recycle and Reuse Conference and Exhibition 2024

The automotive industry is rapidly growing and evolving, with the usage of lithium-ion batteries in Electrical Vehicles. With the emergence of batteries, the carbon footprint has also increased. As the battery stays the key element in the electrical vehicle, its supply cannot be disrupted. But it is also alarmingly important to address and draw out strategies for recycling and repurposing the batteries.

This is where our conference will become a pivotal platform to not only open up the discussion about it but also to carve out solutions for it. There will be a well-planned forum to dive into this topic deeply. Batteries are a vital resource to the industry but so is the sustainability of the environment. Our conference will adhere to mapping out the solutions, which will not just be a quick fix but will comply with a long-term plan.

You’ll get hands-on knowledge on repurposing the batteries, which will also become beneficial for your business. Veterans and industry experts will give an insight into methods of recycling cost-effectively. Explore new innovations and assess the latest results. From electric scooters to electric bikes with the newest battery models, to upcycled and reused battery modules, everything will be on a display to give you the best and a niche experience in the EV spectrum.

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Why should you attend?

  • Get a firsthand experience of exclusive and latest insights.
  • Innovation comes from a variety of players, and we will have a whole team of veterans under one roof.
  • Knowing the information is not enough, engage with keynote speakers and feed your curiosity.
  • Add networking to your radar, and meet and greet with people who will have the corresponding goal as yours.
  • Supply can be easily created, but here learn from the big bulls on how to create the demand.








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May 15-16, 2024